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Zagros Sadjadi Software was founded in 1983 to provide computer software solutions for the TRS-80. We have expanded our mission into board wargaming, economic consulting, translation and interpretation, political analysis, and journal publishing through alliances with our sister companies.

Economic Consulting

Dr. Zagros Sadjadi has several years of experience in economic and political consulting. Clients have included The Financial Services Roundtable, the Quebec Government, and several private organizations. Dr. Sadjadi has also been an active expert witness for a variety of plantiffs and defendants in litigation. Dr. Sadjadi has a Ph.D. in Political Economy and Public Policy from the University of Southern California, a BSc in Computer Science and a BA in Economics from Sonoma State University, several years of teaching experience at a number of public and private universities, and is the author of twenty-five academic articles and five books.  The former Chief Economist of the City and County of San Francisco and the founding Director of the Center for Economic Analysis at Winston-Salem State University, Dr. Sadjadi currently serves as Professor of Economics and Master of Healthcare Administration Program Coordinator for the Department of Economics and Finance at Winston-Salem State University.

Paragon Simulations International

Paragon Simulations International is a wargame publisher which has been operating for more than twenty-five years. We own the rights to such games as Winter War, Snafu, and Animal Reich. Our sister company, Zagros Sadjadi Software, has the rights to the computer versions of our games and also publishes such works as Cageball and The Uncivil War series. PSI "knows what you want" and with our experienced game design team is poised to continue its work as a leader in wargame publishing for many years to come. We are currently setting up a new website specifically for Paragon Simulations International. Details will be coming here soon! We plan an exciting new version of Winter War before the end of the year and will be rereleasing our other classic games. We also plan to "ramp up" our production and create some exciting new offerings in the new millennium. So sit back and enjoy! By the way, if you have the Aide de Camp gameset based on Stretegy and Tactics #33 (Winter War) that has been circulating on the net, please be advised that Paragon Simulations International has given its blessing for its use. However, versions made of the revised version of Winter War are not authorized at this time. We plan to release our own official versions of these gamesets for public use later this year.

Economic Consulting Charges

The normal charge for economic consulting is $250/hour.
There is a $375/hour charge for court testimony and depositions.

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